Tramp Art, like quilting, relies on using salvaged materials to create textures and patterns then piecing them together to make beautiful yet utilitarian
objects. While relatively unknown, Tramp Art was a wide-spread form of Folk Art that flourished in America between the 1870's – 1940's.


Thursday, July 23, 2015

The nest is empty...

Well, it has been two weeks since
the Mourning Doves little ones hatched.
We are now experiencing our first 
"empty nest syndrome".

I did see mom, dad and the two youngsters
in the yard as I was walking Paddington
this morning. One youngster even stuck around 
for a while to check out Paddington!


As promised, I wanted to share images
of the finished Tall Clocks and the
Heart Hand Held Mirrors. I will be posting them at soon and will also
post them in my Etsy Shop.


A new venture for me...I have been asked to join the 
"Resident Artists Program" 
at The Homespun Garden Shoppe on Etsy.
My pieces will be featured and they
will be celebrating "Christmas In July"with
a special offer on Saturday, July 25th!
(My birthday)

Please take a moment to visit
The Homespun Garden Shoppe on Etsy!


Sometimes it pays to have 
been a graphic designer for 32 years.

I am working on a new business card
and a tri-fold brochure so that I have something to
hand out when I do my first show this Fall.

I will be at the American Artisans Show in
Wilton, CT. on November 6-8, 2015.

I hope to see you there!!!!!


As you may know, I have started a Go Fund Me campaign
in order to cover the costs involved in 
traveling to and from the show...gas, rental van, 
hotel, booth fees, folding tables, etc.
and the supplies needed to create more pieces
for this upcoming show and a couple other shows that
have approached me. It seems the only way
to grow my business and gain the exposure I need
to keep moving forward is by doing a few
high quality shows with other more established
artisans of a high quality.

Any donations are greatly appreciated and feel free
to share this link with others who
appreciate the arts and quality Folk Art/Tramp Art.


REMEMBER to visit Martha Stewarts
to see all the nominees in the different categories.

My profile can be seen at:

My friend Lori Brechlin of Notforgotten Farm
is also a nominee, but, in a different category. You can
see her profile at:

I am certain that we would both appreciate your votes!
Voting begins on September 21, 2015.

In the meantime you are welcome to leave comments
for those artist whose work you like.

As always, thank you for dropping by and
spending some time with me. Enjoy your day!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Slowly but surely...

Good morning everyone!

I am working on finishing up a handful of pieces today.
There will be two Heart Hand~held Mirrors
and two Tall Clocks ready by the end of the day. 
I am just waiting for the mail to arrive with 
one more antique Pocket Watch to use for the Tall Clocks.

Here is a photo of the first Tall Clock I made.
It stands 16" tall and is now in a Private Collection.

I have changed the construction of this piece slightly
on the two I am currently finishing and
will take photographs this weekend to post here.
The Tall Clock is available in three heights: 14", 16" & 18".

The two Heart Hand~held/Courting Mirrors
use vintage pocket mirrors as the looking glass and
have been designed so that they may be held
or hung on the wall.

"True Blue" & "Heart of Gold"

These are "work in progress" photos.
I will be taking better photos for here and my website
once the Tall Clocks are finished.


As some of up may know, I started a fundraising campaign 
on Go FundMe.
Please read my story and see if you can help 
me grow my business! Any size donation you could make
would be greatly appreciated!!

and if you'd like to leave a comment or 
VOTE for me (starting September 21st) take a look
at my nominee page for Martha Stewarts 

I am a nominee in the
Craft ~ Recycled, Upcycled, Vintage Category.


Finally, I took these photos as I went for 
a brief walk in the garden/yard this morning.
The textures and colors of nature....
grapevine, wine grapes, hydrangea, bittersweet, 
an old pear tree, stonework and weathering paint...

and our Mourning Doves have at least one 
newly hatched baby!!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Art Tramp and Martha Stewart...

I am pleased to announce that I am a
Martha Stewart AMERICAN MADE 2015 nominee in the 
Craft ~ Recycled, Upcycled & Vintage category.

If you click on the icon to the left or 
use the link below to view my page, add comments 
and starting September 21st you can have
an opportunity to VOTE.


Things are gearing up here in Trampland a.k.a. my studio.
I am waiting to get more materials so I can 
finish up a handful of pieces I have started. Then I plan
to start making the 40 to 50 new pieces I have 
designed in the last few weeks. 

Look for some exciting things to come...
a series of Tramp Art birds based on the illustrations
on some antique Frakturs. Other pieces include
a Pipebox/Keyholder, a Spoon Rack, a Wall Sconce,
a Lantern, a Starfish Box, more sewing boxes
a group of Limited Edition Christmas Ornaments and
some other surprises!


I want to take a moment to thank you for your 
interest in my Tramp Art. I would greatly appreciate your help 
to continue my growth and success! 

My Tramp Art pieces are one-of-a-kind works of art and I would
love for more people to experience my creations! 
If you would like to help me with this please take a look at