Tramp Art, like quilting, relies on using salvaged materials to create textures and patterns then piecing them together to make beautiful yet utilitarian
objects. While relatively unknown, Tramp Art was a wide-spread form of Folk Art that flourished in America between the 1870's – 1940's.


Monday, February 16, 2015

Happy Presidents Day!

As a child I attended Abraham Lincoln Grade School
in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. I have no idea why I
still have retained this poem in my mind but it has been
in my head since kindergarten or first grade...

"Abraham Lincoln kind and good, honored and loved by many.
We loved him so much as our President, we put his face on our penny."

This piece is entitled "We Shall Overcome".
It was inspired by the current Civil Rights issue of Marriage Equality.
I believe that art can be both beautiful and informative.

Simply put.....LOVE is LOVE.

And my trio entitled "Ballot Boxes"

"Liberty" and "Justice"...."For All"

Enjoy your holiday!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Putting your HEART in to your work...

 Just thought I would share some images of works in progress with you 
on this very cold New England morning...

The MAGGIE jack-in-the-box is coming along. 
I will be painting the box today and then sculpting the head.
Maggie is a Black & White cat that I have been
commissioned to sculpt and make in to a jack-in-the-box 
and a hot air balloon.

Just a few pieces of wood to chip-carve...almost 300 squares.
This is my Tramp Art version of a Moravian Star.
The box will be lined in velvet. The box will be able to be hung or rest 
on a table top. I will post more images as work progresses.

I got up to start the coffee this morning and 
when I got back to bed our little 115 pound pup had taken over my spot!
So, I let my husband and Paddington stay cuddled under the covers.


and last but not least...Happy Valentines Day!
while they were asleep I designed a simple card for my husband... we get ready for another blizzard to come our way
I'd like to leave you with this sign of Springtime...

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Marking time & remembering mom...

sitting here with my first cup of coffee 
and thinking about my mother.
It was four years ago today that my mom passed away, but, 
I am not sitting here crying....
she has put a smile on my face as I think of her.

The Heart In Hand Threadholder & Pincushion is a 
VERY special piece to me! The pattern was made from a tracing I did 
of my mother's hand many years ago.
At the time I told her that I would make a piece to honor her 
once I had found the courage to follow my dreams. 
She passed away before I started on this journey but she remains 
a huge part of making my dreams become a reality.

I remember she said, "Oh sweetie, I think I'd like that!"
when I told her about the tattoo I wanted to have done to honor her.
"In Memory of Mom" and it even has her signature at the bottom.

There is nothing to be sad about on this day. She was an amazing gift
to me. I could not have been blessed with better parents.
And I continue to be blessed with a loving and supportive husband who
believes in my art and in ME!

Making my Tramp Art is my way of celebrating the craftsmen 
who came before me. Staying as true to my craft and being as authentic 
as possible. It nourishes my heart, mind, body and soul.

This is the first Heart In Hand I made along side a most precious
Hand that was made and given to me by my dear friend
Stacey Williams Mead a.k.a. The Goode Wife of Washington County.

Now, back to TRAMPland and creating as many new and 
exciting pieces as I can....oh, and it is snowing again so there will be 
some shoveling time today too.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Life is Ducky...

after two days of shoveling snow
it looks like I can get back to creating again!

Our sidewalk was clean as a whistle till all the neighbors
decided to dig out their cars and now the snow
is more then six feet deep in places on our sidewalk.

Believe me, there IS green grass and flowers under all this...
Spring is

I am working on a couple of commissioned pieces....
a Hot Air Balloon and a Jack-In-The-Box
of Maggie (a very sweet Black & White/Tuxedo Cat).

I am also making a couple of "trinket boxes" which adds up 
to 348 hand cut pieces of wood! And 336 pieces will be chip-carved.

And so life is "ducky" around here......
Everything is getting back to normal and am so happy to be 
getting back in to TRAMPland and creating more...

Finally, today would have been my dad's 94th birthday.
So I thank him for being such an exceptional example of how to live and love
Happy Birthday Dad!