Tramp Art, like quilting, relies on using salvaged materials to create textures and patterns then piecing them together to make beautiful yet utilitarian
objects. While relatively unknown, Tramp Art was a wide-spread form of Folk Art that flourished in America between the 1870's – 1940's.


Sunday, February 8, 2015

Marking time & remembering mom...

sitting here with my first cup of coffee 
and thinking about my mother.
It was four years ago today that my mom passed away, but, 
I am not sitting here crying....
she has put a smile on my face as I think of her.

The Heart In Hand Threadholder & Pincushion is a 
VERY special piece to me! The pattern was made from a tracing I did 
of my mother's hand many years ago.
At the time I told her that I would make a piece to honor her 
once I had found the courage to follow my dreams. 
She passed away before I started on this journey but she remains 
a huge part of making my dreams become a reality.

I remember she said, "Oh sweetie, I think I'd like that!"
when I told her about the tattoo I wanted to have done to honor her.
"In Memory of Mom" and it even has her signature at the bottom.

There is nothing to be sad about on this day. She was an amazing gift
to me. I could not have been blessed with better parents.
And I continue to be blessed with a loving and supportive husband who
believes in my art and in ME!

Making my Tramp Art is my way of celebrating the craftsmen 
who came before me. Staying as true to my craft and being as authentic 
as possible. It nourishes my heart, mind, body and soul.

This is the first Heart In Hand I made along side a most precious
Hand that was made and given to me by my dear friend
Stacey Williams Mead a.k.a. The Goode Wife of Washington County.

Now, back to TRAMPland and creating as many new and 
exciting pieces as I can....oh, and it is snowing again so there will be 
some shoveling time today too.


  1. beautiful family photos my friend ~ and your tattoos rock! I knew we were kindred souls!

    1. Thanks Lori! The first tattoo I ever got was in honor of my dad after he died nearly 20 years ago. It said simply...."I AM YOU, FOR YOU ARE WITHIN ME". I believe that a part of my parents is alive and well inside of me as I am a part of them.