Tramp Art, like quilting, relies on using salvaged materials to create textures and patterns then piecing them together to make beautiful yet utilitarian
objects. While relatively unknown, Tramp Art was a wide-spread form of Folk Art that flourished in America between the 1870's – 1940's.


Monday, May 2, 2016

A tree grows in Brighton.....that's right, NOT Brooklyn.

I love folk art and have collected
both antique pieces and various artists work
over the years. In my efforts to design
and create new and interesting pieces of Tramp Art
that are unique and original I am working
on a Bird Tree.

This particular Bird Tree is an anniversary present
for my husband. Once the tree has a
proper base or vintage box to attach itself to
I will be making new and different
Tramp Art clip-on birds to attache to the tree
for special occasions or just because.

The first bird is a Raven.
He holds two vintage German acorns in his beak.
They symbolize us as a couple and
that we will keep growing older, wiser and stronger
as the years go by.


It is a gray and rainy day today!
As I walked through the garden the other morning
I took a few photos of nature that
caught my eye and thought I would share them
with you...


At the moment, I am working on
weaving some miniature and full size Shaker Baskets.
Many, many years ago I took a class
from Martha Wetherbee. She is the foremost
authority on Shaker baskets and through
her studies and hard work she revived the art of
the Shaker Basket!

Here are some of the baskets I have made
along with a few of Martha's. I also make and collect
1 inch scale miniatures so I made the miniature
Shaker Alphabet Board based on a piece that had been
in the "Shaker Design" exhibit many years ago.

Lol, you may notice I like Ravens and Crows...

I will also be attempting to make a
1 inch scale violin case based on this exception
antique piece I saw from an antique shop.

I will be tweeting the case a bit but this was my first prototype.
As with my Tramp Art, I don't employ the use
of any power tools so this is all being done by hand
with an x-acto knife. I will be making a handful
of these cases and will be painting them to match the original.
A good friend and miniature artist has been most
generous and is sending me the hinges for at least on case.

Wish me luck!


I hope you enjoyed this post. As always, I invite you to
take a look through my website and my Etsy Shop.
Feel free to spread the word about my work.
I thank you for your time, your friendship and your support.


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  1. I love the tree and the crow along with the symbolism. Happy Anniversary. And good luck with the violin case. I'm sure it will come out perfectly.