Tramp Art, like quilting, relies on using salvaged materials to create textures and patterns then piecing them together to make beautiful yet utilitarian
objects. While relatively unknown, Tramp Art was a wide-spread form of Folk Art that flourished in America between the 1870's – 1940's.


Thursday, October 13, 2016

Colonial Williamsburg Gets a Tramp.....The Art Tramp that is!

I have only been to Colonial Williamsburg
a couple of times but I remember
my visits with much warmth and admiration.

The Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Museum
is simply astounding with the quantity
and quality of it's collection....a MUST SEE
for those who truly love Folk Art.

When I visited, it was late Fall.
The leaves had mostly turned but there was
that wonderful "crispness" in the air.

The crowds had gone and I was able
to spend time talking with the artisans in their shops.
There were no lines for anywhere and 
I could stroll the streets at ease. The aroma of
Hot Apple Cider filled the air along
with that of the spice cookies they had for sale
on a small street cart.....
it was a wonderful experience!

And now, I have had another wonderful experience
that I wanted to share with all to you.

Some of my Tramp Art will now be available
through the Art Museum Store of Colonial Williamsburg.
They currently have eight of my pieces
and I am working on a small order that should go out
next week. I am also hoping to have the
opportunity to design some Tramp Art pieces that
will be exclusive to Colonial Williamsburg
since those designs will all be my interpretation of
pieces that are in the museums collections.

I am honored to have my art available at
such a wonderful and well respected museum.
The people I have been working with are
outstanding in every way. I want to thank Susan
and Lauren for everything they have done.


I encourage everyone to visit and support
The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation as well as
your local or regional museums....

they are a precious gift for all of us to enjoy!


  1. Congratulations! What a wonderful honor. I adore your work and will spread the word.

    1. Thank you so much Wendy!!!! I appreciate your kind words and very much appreciate your "spreading the word".

  2. wow! what an honor for you, congrats! but then again, your work is wonderful :)